segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

Love story

He was my first Kiss, completely took my breathe away, I might have hurt him. He invited me for a sleep over. He showed me there was power in being a woman, but I completely forgot about it. 
He showed me I could be jealous. He thought we were going to marry the minute we first kiss. We made a trip to the sea. 
He was my boyfriend, so I thought, but not he. We split, he hated me. He looked for me 20 years later.
And he.
The only thing of notice is that he reminds me I once had sex in a car for the first time. We have never really been together, but many people thought we were lovers. He was in my life for too long. I must have been sick. Oh God, the day after his back looked as if he had been run over by a bulldozer.
And he?
We had absolutely nothing in common. I must have been desperately needy. I thought he was handsome, he looked like a prince. He was a complete jerk. I met him at a party. He had an old man’s car. I felt immediately driven by him. I run into his arms the minute I saw him in the street. He was so, so handsome. But he didn’t like watches and I didn’t like shoes.
He is a true friend. Talk about friendship and sex between a man and a woman. He drives me crazy in many ways but sometimes I think he is the only one who truly respects me. We have known each other for so, so long. 
He was my boyfriend. I didn’t really like him. He was the other guy’s guy, but we fucked.
And he.
He introduced me to his father. His father loved my eyes. He made me fall in love all over again. He simply left me. And I forgot everything about it.
He was a musician and had truly black eyes. He had red hair. Doucement, I told him! He was so found of himself. He never really respected me.
He taught me I deserved to be respected. Those wore the most unbelievable 18 hours of my life.
And I run away from him.
He was the great passion in my life. He called me “little beautiful girl” and I wished I had known how to love.
He was the first man to ever make me wish I'd be sleeping as someone made love to me. He was a terrible person… where was I? He didn’t understand any real subject I would talk about. He made me feel completely free, a true amazon, but I couldn’t stand the sound of his voice.
He was just a really old guy. He was going to marry somebody else. He made me think that love could be a tree. I thought he was the one I dreamed about when I was a teenager. He was not.
And he looked for me after so many years. He sad my skin was just the same as twenty years before. He felt lonely, he felt abandoned, I felt overwhelmed. We split.
He thought me about the ways men try to have control over a woman.
He was my first man, my true love, he told me we were going to marry, have a house and children may be. No one has ever made me change dreams for reality like him, but he truly broke my heart; he left without looking into my eyes.

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