quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2015

And if sometimes before all I wished for was to keep
to hold and never forget
as the days passed by,
all I wished for
as much as this feeling was soaked into sad tears which never left my eyes
was to forget

to let everything go away
to let it all follow whatever star’s light into oblivion
to let every memory, every word, every kiss
disappear into dust

there was no difference at all
if in the dust of my own going away steps
the dust your bike leaves behind itself on the road
nor the dust from any other galaxy far away
dust from body, movement or gear
dust as gold
diminishing it all
into billions of tiny subatomic pieces

My heart was still in one
but everything else felt apart
and nothing from it all wished I to retain
nor even words
though I needed them
I need these
no, not to keep
but rather to enable my thoughts to return to dust and forgivenes


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