sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015

it does
does not
it doesn’t interfere
does not make any difference at all
there is nothing else
but air, thin time
between you and me
everything unfold
folded like fresh linen
dark blue cotton linens under the bed
under everyday
every sunshine which touched my skin
my body lying on your bed
and you told me
oh yes you told me
– give yourself to me.
And, oh yes, so I did.
Did you see?
no, you probably didn’t.
as much as you don’t know when the trash truck comes
you did not notice at all
that point exactly where the sun falls down
there where night rises
and it might even be
that you didn't even see
no you didn’t see at all
all the love there was there
all that was given to you to me.
yes I told you as I folded your shirts
guitar magazine oriented
how so much of it all
would always surpass
whatever effort we had made
because the beauty lied within
besides being unpredictable
being given
not taken, nor granted
like all love should live. 

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