segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every single man is in pursuit of something.
As is every woman
That somehow brought them together
And she soon came to realize
she didnt know him at all
the man whose boy
she had known for years
(Might they be trying to bring togheter who they had dreamed to be and who they became)
That he wanted so much to be known
to be acknowledged for whom he was
For being honest meant keeping it real
And no surreal dreamy days
would ever be
something else than long past days
with no such honesty

It takes an honest man
To open up a woman's heart
There it was
a glimpse of blue sky
behind the shaddy grey clouds she left behind
It was all about vocabulary
A greater toolbox he would say
and she couldnt agree more

It might have been for years
the longest she had spoken in a foreign language
the deepest she had felt
no not deep but real
lovely at home

It finally became
Thank god
impossible to go back
To be at the same place he sad
not running away from something
true she knew it was
It takes two people looking towards something to be togheter he sad
she knew it to be true
It takes two
honest people
for live to be real
death bearable to be
It takes two
to love
It could be
there would not a future for those days to be
but there they were
like a graveyard
lost in the darkness of the night
burying her past.

It was the first time in her life she was truly satisfied the past would never come back
That she felt absolutely free
and rejoiced the fact
how deeply exciting it was
not knowing what future could be

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